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Liv Tyler Bikini Photos

Posted on Jan 21, 2008 02:52:41 PM |


Maybe seeing Jennifer Love Hewitt on the beach inspired Liv Tyler to come out to the beach and show her “normal, size 2″ body as well? Or maybe she just doesn’t give a crap about what all the tabloids and blogs write? I could see the second one being more realistic. On the positive side, let me just state for someone who’s put on a good 20 pounds since last year, her face has stayed very thin. And she looks like she gained weight, yes, but she isn’t fat. She’s still got some tone in her legs and arms. I hope these photos don’t turn into drama like the Jennifer Love Hewitt ones did. Or if it does, I hope Liv doesn’t pull a JLH and claim she’s a size 2. Ha, yeah right JLH. More pictures of Liv Tyler on the beach in Hawaii in her bikini below.


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